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–– but it's just, like, everyone's always pretending, you know? That's why the Web's so great, 'cause no one pretends. You just put it out there, who you really are. And if people respond to it, that's great. But if not, who cares? At least they saw you and not just some projection, you know?

– Haley Clark
A Connection is Made. Halt and Catch Fire, season 4, episode 6.

About me and my site

Confused Psyduck

My name is Otso Henning and this is my homepage. I'm a 27-year-old boy from Finland. This Neocities site is a creative outlet for me to indulge in nostalgia, train my web design skills and share various projects related to my geeky interests, such as historical linguistics and Pokemon. The aesthetics are influenced by amateur web design trends of the '90s and '00s, but i try to code everything in valid, modern HTML5 and CSS3.

Latest updates

Subsites and projects

Ice Path

Ice Path is an Ice-type Pokemon fansite from the perspective of a Gen II Pokefan, a journey back in time to 2002. Under construction!

Psyduck's Adventure

A Psyduck's Adventure is an adventure game created by me. You get to play as Psyduck, my favourite Pokémon! Right now it's just a bunch of hyperlinked HTML pages, but I hope to code it in an actual programming language someday and maybe even make some original 8-bit-style music and graphics for it...

Vanha kirjasuomentaja

Vanha kirjasuomentaja is a Javascript programme, written by me, which transforms Modern Finnish into Old Literary Finnish, 1640s-style. It's very simple and only changes the orthography – dealing with the phonological, morphological and morphophonological level would require some natural language processing stuff probably and I'm not quite there yet.

Pokemon Crystal Ursaring Solo Run

Just a page I made ages ago for fun, practice and to record my solo run. I might continue through Kanto someday.


Latent Power - Psyduck fanlisting

Latent Power is the first fanlisting I own, dedicated to my favourite Pokemon, Psyduck!

Here are some things I'm a fan of:

Adopted and rescued animals April Ludgate Articuno Art Nouveau Bears Black Mirror Broadchurch Bulbasaur Caramelldansen Crazy in Love by Beyonce CSS Cyndaquil German language Dirrty by Christina Aguilera Don't Stop Movin Earthsea Eurovision Forests The Fellowship of the Ring (film) Frasier Galadriel Gandalf Golden Sun: The Lost Age Growlithe Hangeul and the Korean language The Hobbit HTML The Internet Kyon Languages and Linguistics Little Miss Sunshine Lothlorien Lord of the Rings music Luna Lovegood Maps Mean Girls Memes Mercy by Duffy Museums N from Pokemon Black and White Oops... I Did It Again by Britney Spears Parks Pasta Penguins PNG Ravenclaw House Rivendell Ancient Rome Salmiac Scorpio Seals Sloths Snow Snow leopards Spirited Away Stracciatella Suicune Sweet Dreams by Eurhythmics Tea Teddiursa


Neocities button E-mail

You can write to me in Finnish, Swedish, German or English.



Gifcities is a collection of gifs mined from old Geocities sites, a special project of the Internet Archive.

Blastoise's PokéCenter Graphics

Blastoise's Pokécenter was THE Finnish Pokémon fansite in the early '00s. BPC also provided graphics for aspiring webmasters to use on their own fansites, such as the Porygon e-mail button above and the base for my Psyduck's Adventure button.

Backgrounds with Emma

A collection of page backgrounds from the good old days. WARNING! Tons of pop-up ads! Stay safe.