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About me

Confused Psyduck

My name is Otso Henning and this is my homepage. I'm a 26-year-old boy from Finland. This Neocities site is a creative outlet for me to indulge in nostalgia, train my web design skills and share various projects related to my geeky interests such as historical linguistics, tabletop role-playing games and Pokémon. The aesthetics are influenced by amateur web design trends of the '90s and '00s, but i try to code everything in valid, modern HTML 5 and CSS 3.

My projects

Psyduck's Adventure
A Psyduck's Adventure is an adventure game created by me. You get to play as Psyduck, my favourite Pokémon!

Vanha kirjasuomentaja
Vanha kirjasuomentaja is a Javascript programme, written by me, which transforms Modern Finnish into Old Literary Finnish, 1640s-style.


Click on the button to e-mail me! You can write to me in Finnish, Swedish, German or English.


Gifcities is a collection of gifs mined from old Geocities sites, a special project of the Internet Archive. Definitely worth checking out!

Blastoise's PokéCenter Graphics
Blastoise's Pokécenter was THE Finnish Pokémon fansite in the early '00s. BPC also provided graphics for aspiring webmasters to use on their own fansites, such as the Porygon e-mail button above and the base for my Psyduck's Adventure button. Do have a look!